The nostalgia-drenched images by photographer Diego Speroni hark back to family vacations in his series, A Sunny Day at Orlando Parks. Grainy compositions and warm tones lend the photographs a sense of analog romance lacking with iPhone shots reeled off and filtered. At first, it isn’t immediately apparent that this is a theme park, so the presence of vintage Americana provides a jarring backdrop to the waves of people in contemporary outfits. Cinemas, main streets, classic cars, soda fountains, and vintage typography characterize the environment of the Orlando theme parks, offering visitors a step back in time that is only amplified by Speroni’s Leica Minilux and ‘basic Kodak 200’.
Elsewhere, cinematic shots meet cinematic props in a Star Wars-themed section of the park while The Simpsons also make an appearance. The mood, texture, and tone of Speroni’s compositions capture the scenes perfectly, his lens beautifully recording the spirit of a day out at the theme park.
Along with his personal projects, Diego Speroni is a digital retouch artist. See more of his personal work here
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