Born in Buenos Aires and currently residing in Madrid, Diego Speroni was born into an artistic environment, and had a creative childhood cultivated by parents who worked in the fields of photography and painting. Speroni naturally gravitated towards the digital arts in his teens, exploring the combined world of art and technology, which he pursued professionally as a graphic designer, artist and finally as a digital retoucher. His work has gained numerous recognitions and awards, notably in the Cannes Lions Festival. 
Over the last few years, he’s been allotting more time to personal works, focusing on photographic projects and illustrations. It’s no surprise that he jumped at the opportunity to capture the Madrid’s freak snowstorm, Storm Filomena, in January 2021, the heaviest snowfall the city has seen in over 50 years. “It was a different Madrid, a Madrid that hasn’t looked like this for more than half a century,” he says. 
During the three days of snowfall, Speroni documented these arresting images from around his neighbourhood, Parque de Berlin, Parque del Retiro and on the M30 motorway. Blanketed in white, he shows us a city silenced by nature, and still beautiful as ever under the circumstances. 
Discover more of Speroni’s work on his website and Instagram.
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